The Logo of this Website shows the variation in the value of the Equation of Time over the next many centuries, illustrated by my intrinsic Flame graph. 
My name is Kevin Karney. I have long had an interest in the Equation of Time and the Solar System's dynamics from an historical perspective.  In my retirement, I have spent far too many hours mulling on these subjects. 
The prime purpose of this website is to share my interest with anyone who might think to improve their understanding of the EoT and to provide something of a source-book for anyone who wishes to make a Equation corrected sundial or clock.
The secondary purpose is to answer my son's comment. He recently asked me where the output from all my studies resided. At first, I thought that I should write a book on the subject. But then I decided to create this web-based scrap-book for him instead.
Please do send me any images, additions or corrections that might improve this website. Also if I have used an image that you don't want published or that breaches your copyright - then please let me know
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