Dials such as these represent the most accurate form of shadow-casting dial.
Left to Right : Click to enlarge : (i) 19th C, French Railway Heliochronometer (ii) 1910 Pilkington Gibbs Heliochronometer, originally given to Robert Peary by the Lord Chief Justice of England in recognition of the first expedition to the North Pole. Now owned by the author and still in mint condition (iii) J.D Gard - Aten Heliochronometer - ca 2006 (iv) Silvio Magnani Laser Dial - 2006 : the alidade (a mirror and a laser pointer) is turned until the image of the sun falls on the analemma. The laser indicates mean time. It's magical ! Ref NASS Compendium v16(3) Sept 2009 (v) Prof Martin Jenkins - Cooke Heliochronometer - 2012. Made for his wife's birthday! (vi) Gunning Helichronometer, Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire UK. photo © J Hannan-Briggs
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